a few Main Top features of AVG Purifier

AVG Purifier is full version of antivirus and anti-spyware utility that can keep your system free from each of the common conditions that slow down the majority of systems. The software program comes with five main features which are very beneficial to any computer system user, such as the ability to search within and take away errors by Windows, and also scan and clean out the registry. Other features include support for the most recent scanning features of XP and Vista, being able to backup and restore the device and the newest version of the computer software. This article will consider the main top features of AVG Clearer, and how it may keep your system running as easily and effectively as possible.

The first primary feature of AVG solution is its advanced registry encoding avg cleaner review program. What the program does is certainly scan about the same registry of the PC and remove every one of the problems that are inside it. This allows your system to learn all the files & settings that this needs from registry, which usually speeds up the performance hugely.

Another great feature of this cleaner certainly is the registry backup program. This system allows you to make a backup duplicate of your anatomy’s registry in the event that any challenges occur during the cleaning method. This back-up also allows you to restore the registry to a previous status if you need to. AVG cleaner is rather effective when it comes to cleaning out the computer registry of your laptop and even supplies excellent defense against spyware and also other malware.